RADAR and Camera Sensor Fusion

The patented vision & RADAR sensor fusion ADAS system for more reliable range and
accuracy in poor light and weather conditions.

Computer vision perception algorithm for a mono-camear sensor intermingled together with a signal processing algorithm for the 77GHz RADAR.

RADAR technology and sensors
to ​improve a driver safety.​

We are mainly doing in-house development and research on 76~77GHz Mid-range RADAR and 79G​ Short-range RADAR and
fulfill a variety of automotive applications related to driver's safety.​

  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Blind Spot Information System

  • LCA Lane Change Assist to notify the driver when a vehicle appeares in the blind zones at high risk of a collision.
    RCCW Rear Cross Collision Warning to inform the driver when a vehicle approachs from the left or right when backing
    out of a parking space in reverse.
    SEW Safe Exit Warning to inform a passenger of a vehicle approaching from the rear side when the vehicle stops
    and door opens to prevent collisions.
    BSIS A system to inform the driver of a possible collision with a bicycle, pedestrians and riders via an optical signal,
    audio signal, haptic signal or etc.

79GHz mmWave Short Range RADAR
for Blind Spot Detection

Short Range RADAR ( SRR ) for BSD applications to detect objects in blind zones of a vehicle and provides a warning signal to the driver. Detection range is Max. 50 meters and recognizes vehicles and pedestrians.

Provides a visual indicator with an illuminated icon or flashing light in the display unit installed to the A-Pillar and with an audible warning sound. Operates at speeds of 30kmh higher.

Blind Spot Detection's Collision Warning (BCW) :
notifies the driver when a vehicle appeares in the blind zones.

Rear Cross Collision Warning (RCCW) :
informs the driver when a vehicle approaches from the left or right when backing out of a parking space in reverse.

4D RADAR Sensor​

Movon has developed 4D RADAR's signal processing algorithm in order to detect and track Pedestrians and Bicycles at the critical blind spot area in front of truck and made object 3D visualization program which shows object movement analysis and self-speed estimation data.
4D dataset of RADAR consists of Distance, Azimuth angle, Elevation(Height) and Relative Speed data. 4D Radar uses a large Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) antenna array for echolocation. It sends signals that bounce off objects in the environment and captures the results to calculate the size, location, direction, speed, and elevation of objects in the environment. 4D radar has the advantage of being able to work in any weather and any level of lighting, detect elevation, speed, and direction accurately, and detect targets behind other objects in the environment.
The radar sensor includes a radar processor configured to calculate a position and movement information of an object from radio waves reflected from the object and receives the position and movement information of the object that are calculated by the radar processor.
the radar module includes a transmitter configured to transmit radio waves, a receiver configured to receive radio waves reflected from an object, and a radar processor configured to control the transmitter to transmit the radio waves, and calculate at least one of a distance to the object and a speed of the object from the reflected radio waves.
​The radar module may further include a radar interface configured to output formed object information to at least one of an external warning device. Horizontal FOV is ±6° @160m, ±20° @50m and Vertical FOV is ±5°. Range Accuracy is <±0.5m. Frequency band is 76-77 GHz. Output data is x range, y range, relative velocity.

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