Movon Driver Safety & Monitoring​

DSM (Driver Safety & Monitoring) with Deep-Learning technology ​ can support drowsiness/attention warning and seat-belt reminder as well as periodic event data and video footage transfer.

Compact & Separate
DSM camera​
with 2nd Camera supported​

MDSM-22 offers robust Drowsiness and Distraction Warning because of deep
Learning algorithm so it is implementing face recognition even at various vehicle
environments such as sunlight, night and driver's facewears like mask, hat, sunglasses.
It detects and calculates head position detection ( x, y, z ), face direction detection
( yaw, pitch, Roll ), and eye opening/mouth opening/closing.​

AI-powered Camera
with ADAS+DMS​

3ch. AI-powered edge-level fleet camera
system for Driver Safety and Monitoring

MDSM-22 can be integrated with MDAS-9N through Ethernet so that ADAS video
and event data can be transmitted to MDSM-22, and then ADAS and DSM data can 
be sent out simultaneously to a telematics device through MDSM-22's RS232 cable. ​

Main functions

  • Drowsiness

    Provides alarms when the driver’s
    eyes are closed.

  • Smoking

    Detects when the driver smokes.

  • Distracted

    Provides alarms when the driver
    looks away.

  • Driver ID detection

    Stores (maximum) 200driver IDs and identifies
    which driver is on board.

  • Yawning

    Detects when the driver yawns.
    Provides alarms when the yawning continues.

  • Phone use

    Provides alarms when the driver uses mobile
    phone while driving.

  • Recording

    Supports 3 different recording modes:
    Normal / G-sensor event / DSM event.
    Transmits real-time video via Ethernet
    (ONVIF) or stores in SD card (Maximum 128G).

  • Seat-belt Reminder

    Detect when a driver is not fastening the Seat-belt over 10kmh

Product Specification


Smartphone app


MDSM-22 can be calibrated on Smartphone app
via Wi-Fi inside of MDSM-22. This smartphone app offers DSM calibration & settings, Video download and Play mode, Demonstration mode, Diagnostic Mode, Firmware Update, etc.
And, it can send videos to a smartphone so that a driver would play video footages easily on smartphone and share them to FMS server.

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